Who are We?

Grace Church Shrewsbury – started in 2021. Churches in Shrewsbury are varied in their style and we want to work together well (especially in the areas of prayer and social justice). We connect with other Shrewsbury Churches wherever we can. Press the more about us link to find out more.

We are passionate about Jesus and showing His love to others. Our church is an all-age family. We believe being family together is significant.

We want to care for one another, love one another, encourage one another and pray for one another.

Grace Church is a registered charitable trust.  Our charity number is 1194775.  All our leaders have had relevant training and DBS checks, along with relevant safeguarding training.

Prophetic Steps on the Journey

These are some of the words that we feel have encouraged us to launch Grace Church. Please speak to us to find out more information.

Building and Jumping!

Long before Grace Church came into being our two senior leaders were given spontaneous encouraging prophetic  words – at the same time but in different places. One of the words spoke of ‘laying new foundations’  and building from  ‘scratch’. The other of anticipating jumping into  a skydiving adventure.

Grace Church

Why call ourselves Grace Church?  We received what we felt were three seperate confirmations from God, leading us to the word Grace.  If you’d like to find out more, come and have a chat with us.

Plumb Line

As we considered starting a church, sections from Zechariah 2 and 4 came to mind about the contrast of the measuring rod an the plumb line.  The emphasis was on the plumb line, making sure that we were straight and true.  18 months after we had started the church, this was confirmed powerefully in a conference, when someone from another church gave us a written prophecy, again emphasising the plumb line.

‘Imperfect Hearts’

Right at the beginning in a prayer week before a decision was made to launch Grace Church, these three hearts were found on three consecutive days on a beach in Blackpool!

This was following a prophetic word that whilst we all may be broken in different ways and all have imperfect hearts (no-one is perfect!) we worship a perfect God who looks at us through the lens of His perfect son and His heart is perfect!

He covers our imperfections – this has been very encouraging as we have stepped out on the journey!


I Will Build my Church


The three rainbows were a reminder of a word shared of God’s promise over Grace Church. There was significance in there being not one but three rainbows, (shared in our first meeting in our third building!)


The ark was a prophecy of the current Grace Church building, an ark on parched land and God sending His Holy Spirit to drench the land. This ark would be a place of rescue and safety.

All being built on  prayer because as Grace Church, our desire is that all that we are and all that we do is built on foundational prayer.


The artist was reminded of the song ‘I will build my church, and the gates of hell, shall not prevail against it.’  She had the impression that God was saying “Grace Church, you Pray and I will build my Church”.


During one of the Going Deeper, Prayer and Worship evenings, this prophetic sense was shared.

“Yesterday’s phrase was ‘More Lord’, today, God is saying ‘Deeper'”.

There are times where we can rest in a Word, and say “thank you Lord”, but in this instance, it felt important to respond with our ‘Yes’!

Not only was this a great confirmation of our ‘Going Deeper’ programme, but also a fresh breath over our lives, where we have joyously seen God  ‘going deeper’ with us.  We pray this continues, that we would be people of depth in our relationship with God.

Being Present with His Presence

In a prayer month (June 2022) where we were praying for the local community, we felt a real sense of being confident that our presence matters in the community ‘Being Present with His Presence’.

Being present facilitates Father God bringing in His Holy presence.  We have taken this word seriously and during a lot of our serving within the community we remind ourselves of this word.

An Oasis

In October 2023 a visiting speaker saw us as an oasis for the area. Somewhere people could come from ‘dry’ and desperate situations to receive kindness, hospitality and a safe place that ultimately brings hope and the truth of Jesus. 

In the evening one of our leaders felt strongly this oasis was significant and in contrast to a mirage – like so many other things in peoples lives that seem to offer so much – but are not truth, where people try to find rest and nourishment in things like addiction and alcohol – but an oasis gives a true opportunity to have life. 

Grace Church Values

From the beginning, we have felt that the phrase ‘God’s Love, God’s Truth and God’s Power’ captures what we want our values to be as a church and these are based on the following scriptures:

        • John 3:16
        • Matthew 22:37-39
        • Matthew 28:18-20
        • John 7:37-39
        • Matthew 7:7-8

These are all quotations from Jesus Christ, who is at the very centre of our Christian faith.

God’s Love

Understanding God’s love for us, enabling us to love Him and one another.

God’s Truth

Drawing from the Truth that we find in the Bible and applying it to our lives.

God’s Power

Praying for the Holy Spirit, the presence of God, to be at work in all areas of the Grace Church family.

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