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Love Where you Worship

We don’t believe that we are located at the Harlescott Grange Community Hub by accident!

See ‘Who we Are’ prophetic stirring for Grace Church to be ‘Present with His Presence’.

Community Events

Our regular initiatives :

    • Drop in at the Hub – Click the image above for full details.
    • Boost Bags – Click on the Boost Bag image above to find out more.
    • Sunflower Child Bereavement Service – Launching soon, click the image above to find out further information.

What is Happening in this Community Currently?

1. Our senior leaders have been invited to be part of the Hub committee and help to plan and run some of the community events.

2. We are providing regular initiatives happening each week to help and serve the community.

3. We also are involved in “one off” events which include Christmas events, Fun Days, Craft Days, etc.

4. We are in good relationship with the other churches in the Harlescott area and are hoping for those relationships to expand and grow. We are committed to sharing resources and there is a regular leaders meeting where the area is prayed for.

5. Wider than the local area, many Shrewsbury Churches provide other ways of helping those within communities across the town. We help where we can to support some of these broader initiatives. 

Some amazing joint ventures that happen in our town include:- 
Shrewsbury Street Pastors 
The Ark 
Palmers Cafe – pay it forward 

Our main focus as Grace Church is the area of Harlescott Grange where we are based, and the neighbouring areas. We pray together and work closely with Church of the Holy Spirit, Harlescott and love the work they do in the area to build community. ( link)