1 Thessalonians 5:17 "pray continually"


Grace Church is built on the foundation of prayer. We have regular Prayer Weeks (at least once a term).  See below for our regular prayer times.

We value and often use resources from 24/7 Prayer along with their Lectio app.  


We are stirred by church history and the significance of prayer during times of revival.

We want to learn from people who have gone before us and prayed so passionately.

Getting Involved in Prayer

We encourage everyone to get involved in prayer at Grace Church.  If you would like to join us to pray, then please get in touch or do come to one of the prayer initiatives below.

Would you like prayer?

Hit the button below and send us a message through our contact form.

 Join us in Prayer

We have some prayer initiatives that we have developed.  In explanation; the early bird and night owls’ prayer meetings started when we had our first prayer week.  We had been encouraged prophetically to call on God early in the morning and late at night.  Also, Ephesians 6:12 inspired us to start praying at 6am and 12 midnight.

      1. Praying in 2’s and 3’s – weekly (organised privately).
      2. Early Bird prayer 6am Monday – monthly.
      3. Night Owls prayer, midnight – monthly.
      4. Sunday Evenings – Going Deeper prayer and worship or prayer meeting.
      5. Midweek occasional all church prayer meetings and praying in smaller groups.
      6. Prayer and feasting – monthly
      7. Prayer and fasting – monthly
      8. Pre Service prayer meeting 10:00am – Sundays.
      9. Sunday morning prayer team available for personal prayer within the service.
      10. A Whatsapp prayer group. 
      11. Prayer in Grace groups (regular groups that meet in the week in homes).
      12. Prayer weeks – we have a termly prayer week to connect to and annual prayer month – ‘pray in may’

All are welcome to join any of these.